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We Are the Phatts

The Phatts are made up of the oldest three siblings in my family of eight. We are Mason (13), Brittany (19), and Kennedy (15). (You can find Kennedy and Brittany’s blogs at kennedystafford.wordpress.com and lifeintensity.wordpress.com respectively.) We are a group of loud personalities always finding some way to embarrass each other (not to mention ourselves).

Mason–I’m the youngest of the three known as the Phatts. I enjoy Takis and Monsters at the theater. Not to mention I enjoy theaters too. You can think of me as the loudest and proudest of the three. Being the youngest, I’m the least mature. But, I still fit in really well.

Brittany–I’m the oldest of the three known as the Phatts. I’m the driver, main funder, and supplier. I sure give Nathan a run for his money at being loud and proud. I do what I want, when I want, and if it embarasses you, more power to me. I digress… I’m BASICALLY epic and I know it.

Kennedy–The middle age wise, but definitely I’m the most intelligent (In my humble defense, I did not write this. Thus, I am not bragging.). My sister calls me the “battery” of the group. I make sure they listen to music worth listening to and don’t let them do anything too stupid, when I’m not working on my history. I’m also a hard-core grammar Nazi. ¬†School’s important, for sure. Basically, I am glue for holding together the threesome that would otherwise fight (though I sometimes pick Phatt fights). You wish you were as cool as I am, broski,

And without further ado, we present…. the Phatts.


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